3 Ways to Upgrade your Dining Room this Spring

The dining room is, for many homeowners and families, the heart of the home. Somewhere to come together at the end of every day, to host guests and to entertain friends, the dining room is typically a warm and welcoming room which is furnished as much for practical functionality and use as it is for style.

Of course, the integration of dining rooms in modern homes is constantly changing in light of trends and interior design concepts, with open plan dining spaces and large kitchens/diners becoming more popular as homeowners look to fuse spaces in their homes to allow for a lighter and more open plan living style.

In this blog, we’re sharing three ways of upgrading your dining room in time for Spring and Summer dining, with quick and easy changes to colour and lighting which will transform the space regardless of its size and layout. First up, upgrade your single bulb to a 3 pendant ceiling light.

 1. Update your lighting

Lighting plays a major role in the aesthetic look of every room in your home. Replacing a single light fitting with a 3 pendant ceiling light not only adds a sense of grandeur but also creates a focal point around which to furnish the rest of the room – with the variation in height of each of the pendants making the light more as much of a decorative feature as it is a functional fitting.

As part of your lighting upgrades, consider the colour and material of the shade which surrounds the bulb – whether it’s coloured or textured glass, a transparent layer, or something thicker which funnels the flow of light in certain directions. A thin and transparent glass pendant optimises the flow of light throughout the room for a bright aesthetic, while darker glass and thicker pendants tend to be ideal for creating a moodier and more atmospheric setting.

 2. Add a statement wall  

Keeping your dining space light and bright is a great way to ensure the aesthetic remains versatile all year round. However, a statement wall has the power to create a talking point which adds character to your space and ties the dining room into your lifestyle – whether you achieve this with a patterned wallpaper, a bold colour, or a textured finish.

TOP TIP: If you want to trial the concept of a statement wall but with a more temporary solution, consider implementing a statement or feature furnishing like a display cabinet or set of brightly coloured shelves.

 3. Add a rug under the table

This is a great tip for open plan dining spaces where the boundaries between the dining room and living room are blurred, or where the dining room shares its four walls with your kitchen. A rug is one of the best and easiest ways to instantly make a portion of an open plan room feel more contained, with the presence of a rug under your dining table and chairs making the space feel more cosy and welcoming, as well as separated from the rest of the space.

Not to mention, a rug is a great way to inject more colour and balance out the warm features of your brand new 3 pendant ceiling light.

Elevate your dining room this year with these three tips – and make sure to check out the full collection of our pendant lights to see which other rooms in your home could benefit from a lighting makeover.

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