5 Tips to Mowing the Lawn

Your yard plays a huge role with your property’s aesthetics. It’s one of the first things people will notice when they look at the outside of your home. Maintaining your lawn helps to add value to your property. Good lawn care is also necessary for your yard’s overall health. The following 5 tips to mowing the lawn are essential for keeping your grass in good condition.

Use Different Patterns when you Cut your Grass

The best way that you can get your grass to grow in a uniform pattern is by cutting your grass in different directions. Many people tend to cut their grass in the same direction. The problem with this approach is that your grass will start to lean (grow) in the direction of the pattern. This will eventually cause your grass to grow at an odd angle. However, when you cut it from different angles this will help to keep grass straight and uniform. People who cut their grass in a back-and-forth pattern should alternate this pattern every other time they mow.

Only Cut your Grass when it’s Dry

You should cut your grass when it’s dry. If you cut your grass when it’s wet, your lawnmower could be damaged. If you don’t mess up your lawnmower, you will spend extra time cleaning wet grass from the blades and underneath the mower. Also, cutting wet grass doesn’t guarantee you a uniform cut. Wet grass blades usually clog up your mower. Make sure your grass is dry to ensure the best cutting condition possible.

Mow your Lawn when it Needs to be Cut

Cub Cadet riding lawn mower

Your grass doesn’t always grow evenly throughout the year. Grass usually grows fast during the spring months. Blades typically grow slow during the summer months and it develops at a normal pace in the fall. You don’t need to set a schedule to cut your grass. Sometimes, you might have to cut your grass once a week. When it is hot and dry during the summer, you might have to mow your lawn every two weeks. A Cub Cadet riding lawn mower is perfect if you don’t like walking and Remember to cut your grass when it should be mowed and avoid a schedule.

Consistently Cut your Grass to 1/3 of it’s Blade Height

Property owners should never cut their grass too close to the ground. Your grass should be trimmed about 1/3 of its total height. Cutting your grass to 1/3 of its blade height prevents disease and helps to eliminate insects. If your yard has a uniform height, the 1/3 rule will be easy to accomplish. Simply measure the blades of the grass and adjust your lawnmower’s height level accordingly. Property owners who have uneven grass blades should find the lowest blade height on their lawn. You will then need to cut the rest of your hard to that height level. Once your grass starts to grow, you will be able to make it uniform with the 1/3 rule.

Cut your Grass in Low Light Conditions

Your grass performs better in the shade than it does in direct light and heat. All grass needs light but mowing your grass in the late morning or afternoon hours is counterproductive. Grass is stressed during these times of the day because the blades are getting its food (photosynthesis). Cutting your grass in the early morning and late evening hours is best. Shaded lawns have less stress on them. The blades are not being aggravated by a lawnmower while they’re getting their water and nutrients.

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