Can Bad Home Decor Cause Your House Sale to Fall Through?

When we begin thinking about selling our homes, many different thoughts and emotions can run through our minds. But how much focus should we really put on home decor? Estate agents in Hertfordshire are still seeing a steady stream of homes coming to the market. They can advise you on any changes you should make to your property before photography and viewings take place. If you are looking to get ahead of the game, then it can’t hurt to de-clutter and give your property a fresh lick of paint. Bad home decor has been known to deter buyers from purchasing and certainly makes it overly difficult for anyone to imagine putting their own stamp on the place. So, what could you change or update, without breaking the bank?

Remove personal items and clutter

During viewings, we ideally need buyers to be able to imagine how they would use the property if they lived here. This may be harder to do if the area contains lots of personal photographs and sentimental pieces. Some of these things can be condensed down and safely stored away, giving you a head start on your packing! Remember to leave a couple of pieces out, so that the home feels lived in and loved.

Ditch the woodchip and focus on a simple modern aesthetic

Consider stripping back any old wallpaper and focusing on a more modern and simplistic look. You don’t have to spend a fortune to create something stylish though. Light and bright coloured paint can add a Scandinavian style on-trend look. Remember to warm things up by using textured and warm accessories such as blankets, throws and cushions. Soften window areas with floaty curtains or give your current curtains and nets a good wash to ensure that they look and smell their best.

Create the perfect first impression

A good first impression doesn’t just start inside the house. Prospective buyers will notice your front garden and the front door first. These can both be expensive things for buyers to consider replacing. So, what can be done to make these areas more desirable? Firstly, give your front door a good clean to remove dirt, dust, and debris. You can then assess if any of the hardware such as the doorknocker, doorbell and letterbox need replacing. If you have a wooden door, this is a fast and simple fix. Most DIY stores will stock replacements. However, if your door is a newer installation then you should consult the supplier and fitters to see if these types of replacements will affect any guarantees.

Your front garden should be freshly mowed and kept tidy. Consider weeding any flowerbeds and pressure washing the pathways that lead to the property. This will help to showcase the entrance to your home in its best possible light.

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