Exploring the Features of an Elfin Kitchen

Elfin Kitchens offers an alternative for those with small spaces, allowing homeowners to enjoy more living space while incorporating the necessities of a user-friendly kitchen into a compact standalone unit.

However, as Elfin Kitchens become more popular, one question, in particular, has arisen: What features are included in an Elfin Kitchen, and how do you prioritise some appliances over others?

The answer to this is simple. Our mini kitchens cover a range of sizes and layouts which have been designed with our customers in mind, taking inspiration from the necessities and needs of everyday users and compiling a range which starts from the most basic of structures and expands into our premium range and beyond.

Keep reading for a more detailed look at some of the highlights and features of an Elfin mini kitchen.

Appliances and integrated features

Our collection starts with the entry-level compact kitchen, featuring one unit which boasts a sink and a countertop cooker, with a built-in stainless steel work surface separating the two. The surface, complete with these integrated fittings, sits atop a small fridge and a storage cabinet, making this the ultimate go-to for compact apartment and studio flat living.

As the Elfin Kitchens elevate in price, they become more expansive in terms of available worktop and storage space as well as access to appliances and other amenities. Our Economy kitchens combine everything found in the entry-level kitchen with an integrated microwave, and a freezer compartment within the fridge – while the Premium collection of kitchens takes this one step further with soft close drawers, top-level materials, and hot plates.

It is important to note that every Elfin Kitchen regardless of which collection it is from can be enhanced with a selection of extra add-ons and accessories, all of which can be selected online or discussed with us directly.

 Coloured splashback walls  

One such add-on, and something which we recommend to all landlords, homeowners, and decorators, is the Elfin kitchen coloured splashback. This is the one component of your mini kitchen which is entirely built on your personal style, and which can add character to your kitchen regardless of its size – not to mention, it protects the wall between the underside of your wall-mounted cabinets and the hob or hot plates.

Other tailored and personalisable features include the kind of steel used in the construction of elements of your mini kitchen, the addition of wall cupboards and other wall-mounted elements, and various shelving and storage solutions to make the best use of your space.

 Different sized units available

An Elfin Kitchen is designed with compact spaces in mind – but that’s not to say you can’t still access all the storage, worktop space, and appliances you need to make the best use of your kitchen.

With a variety of units and standalone compact kitchens available, Elfin Kitchens provides a foundation on which to bring your perfect kitchen to life – regardless of how much space you have available. Browse the full collection or head to our inspiration page to learn more about how our kitchens are used by clients from all walks of life.

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