How You Can Save Money on a Bathroom Remodel

So, finally, you have decided that your bathroom needs remodelling. Well, it was anyway high time you did something about the leaky shower and faulty hot tub drain.

But, before you set your hard-earned money on fire for a bathroom that looks straight out of a five-star hotel, you need to rethink a lot of things.

Your bathroom is a place that offers your complete privacy and there is surely no harm in giving it a modern luxury touch.

But that doesn’t mean that you’ll splurge beyond measure.

If you think affordability and luxury seem two conflicting concepts to you, we’d like to help you solve the predicament.

We’ll share our expert thrifty tips to save bucks on bathroom remodelling.

But, hey, don’t worry, we won’t be asking to keep your wishes aside and go for “useful” options.

You don’t model your bathroom every weekend, right? And what gets done after years, if not decades need to be done right.

So, let’s just get started with the awesome tips to bridge the gap between luxury, comfort and affordability.


·Plan Ahead

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. Okay, it is not a business idea that we are talking about. But don’t think of your bathroom remodelling plan as anything else. Plan about that too.

And by a plan, we don’t mean just plan a rough concept. Plan out all the details.

Ask yourself the following questions. And note down the answers (The answers will become a good enough plan for you to follow!)

  • How much am I willing to spend?
  • What bathroom fittings do I absolutely need?
  • What fitting and fixtures can be classified as secondary?
  • What fittings can I do without? Things that can be left out.
  • How much time do I have at hand for the complete remodelling?
  • Do I have an idea in mind or am I open to suggestions and ideas?

Once you have answers to these questions, you have a barebones structure ready. And you are ready to start working.

·Go Thrift Shopping

No, not for everything. You don’t want your geyser to stop working in the middle of a hot bath, and leave you shivering. So, spare the essential electronics and bigger items.

But for all things else, you can go thrift shopping. Mirrors, cabinets, and even shower curtains, and glasswork in your bathroom can be bought from thrift stores, made on your own or up cycled from things you thought were a waste.

·Repair not Replace (Where it is possible)

It is not always that your toilet seat needs to be upgraded. If updates work fine, upgrades can wait.

If you think some elements of your bathroom are not totally out of trend or non-functional, you can get them repaired and use them as-is.

·Light It Up with Lights

Your bathroom could be small or too large to not exactly the shape and size you want it to be. But, instead of getting the walls torn down and rebuilt, you can use lights to your advantages.

There is nothing that the right lighting cannot do.

And it costs a fraction of rebuilding a bathroom.

Spotlights work wonders if you know how to use them.

·Paint Goes a Long Way

If you think that paint is an added expense to your bathroom remodelling budget, you couldn’t be far from the truth.

It is undoubtedly the least expensive aspect of remodelling your bathroom. And if done the right way, you might notice that you don’t even need as many fittings as you thought.

However, make sure that you don’t skip on the plastering before painting, and get good quality paints so that your pop colours last long.

While you are at it, it is important that you also ascertain if you want to DIY or hire experts.

If you are 100% sure that you know what needs to be done, how, when, and you have the equipment, expertise and experience, you are good on your own.

If not, the best way to save money is to hire experts.

While paying someone never feels like you saved anything, you don’t want your bathroom fittings to go waste or break or not function because you didn’t fix them right, right?

And to avoid that experts are a prerequisite.

Also, they’d have some thrifty tricks up their sleeves that they’d be ready to share with you.

Chester Plumber is the name that you can trust for complete bathroom fitting and remodelling needs.

From plastering and painting to fixing fittings fixtures, they’d do everything for you. And all the products that they offer come with a manufacturer warranty. Even their work is backed by a 12-month guarantee.

Give them a call today for a free, no-obligation quote and get certified professionals working on your bathroom remodelling!

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