Redecorating Your Salon: 101

Whether you have been running a successful hair and beauty business for many years and are looking to transform your working space entirely, or else are due to open your very first salon, you have most definitely come to the right place.

Continue reading to learn some fantastic tips for redecorating and redesigning your salon.

Always Work with Natural Light in Mind

By far the most important thing to remember when redesigning and redecorating your hair and beauty salon is that you must always plan everything about your new layout and color scheme around natural light.

It may well be the case that, somewhat unfortunately, there is not a great deal of natural light in the space, but what natural light you do have should be utilized to full effect. Stay away from adding curtains around the windows and position your furniture with light sources in mind.

Balance Functionality with Beauty

Men and women alike book themselves for a hair appointment or beauty treatment to treat themselves and, as such, your client will feel considerably more pampered in aesthetically attractive surroundings.

Prestigious and renowned interior designers, such as those at, offer a huge and impressively eclectic array of chairs, sofas, and other furniture items that you can peruse and consider an eye-catching addition to the salon.

This balance between functionality and aesthetic beauty is the key to a beautifully put-together and popular hair and beauty salon, for staff and clients alike.


Allow for Open Spaces

The temptation to fill every square inch of your salon with either seats and booths for clients, or else storage cabinets, is understandably always strong, but fighting the urge not to fill all the space will pay dividends.

Not only will an open and more comfortable space for your client enhance their feelings of peace, calm and tranquility, but will also mean they feel special and that they mean more to you than just another payment.

Have a Centralized Product Area

Designing your salon with a dedicated placement of products in mind is also an excellent change you can make to the overall sense of style and layout of your working area.

Upselling is undeniably an excellent way to start to steadily increase your profit margins, so a dedicated product station, ideally in direct view of your clients, is always a good idea. Always ensure the products are tidy, organized, and facing the front and that the shelving units themselves are clean and sparkling.

Paint an Accent Wall

Often, due to the undeniable fact that a white backdrop automatically tends to conjure up a feeling of simplicity and cleanliness, hair salons across the country tend to be white or cream throughout.

However, bucking this seemingly permanent trend and instead introducing an accent wall, either painted in a bold and dramatic color, or else covered with carefully placed pictures or other items of wall art will give your clients something to look at and allow your salon to stand out from the rest.

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